Quantitative Aptitude

Numerical Ability is compulsory in all interview process. We made simple for you with Formula book, shortcut methods and Tricks to solve in 30 sec.

Verbal ability / English Language

Verbal questions such as synonyms, error spotting, sentence corrections, etc are asked in most of the Interview especially in job jobs.

Logical Reasoning

Made very easy with freshersdoor study materials. Check out the solved questions and try all the exercises.

Group Discussion [GD Topics]

100+ Group Discussion Topics 2017 with few solved examples and tips to succeed GD

Top MNC Companies Registration Links

Apply for all MNC companies such as CTS, Accenture, TCS, infosys, etc

HR Interview Questions & Answers

Check HR Interview Questions & Answers 2017

Technical Interview Questions & Answers

Technical Interview Questions & Answers


Create a best resume for freshers.

Interview Question and Answers 2017

Hey, you have landed in a amazing site that could fetch you a good job. Freshersdoor created a best interview question and answers 2017. Check out all the sections.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are few frequently asked questions by freshers before and after attending the interview.

What i should prepare first?

Start from Quantitative Aptitude because all interview process will have this round. Then prepare for technical interview (Atleast be ready with basics). Then check out the GD & HR interview questions. Finally before interview get a good resume

What is good resume format?

There are different formats but all good resume will have objective, Educational qualification, Technical Skills, Interests, Achivements, Projects and Experience (if available).

Carry the interview to impress. How to get a job by speaking?

We can carry the interview and impress the interviewer. You should know the trick to choose your next question. Prepare the awesome resume and add the words that attract the interviewer to raise question from that. Then finish the answer by mentioning something you know well. So he again raise the questions from where you finished. Don't stop, keep talking. Finally you will be in selected list.

I am not expert in any technology. How i will get job?

You don't want to be a expert but you should know the basics. If you don't know basics, then start learning. Interviewer wants a candidate who is willing to learning.

When i will get a job?

If you are studying in University, you get many opportunities and mostly you get a job in placement if you put 25% effort. If you are in affiliated college you get few opportunities so you need to put 100% to get a job. If you are passed out & fresher you need 150% effort. Mostly talented freshers from small college will get job within a year

I need someone to help me for job preparation.

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