Quantitative Aptitude Questions and answers with Explanation, shortcuts, Formulas, tricks and solved examples

Quantitative Aptitude questions and answers with Explanation pdf download

Everyone feels blind in two places, one at being a student in exams and another being a candidate in aptitude test in the campus recruitment exam. One of the toughest parts of the bank, competitive and other recruitment exams, is the aptitude section. To overcome failing in this particular part, it is essential for everyone to know the Quantitative Aptitude Formulas and shortcut method for all the topics. This article will provide you those with no cost, so free download it right now in PDF and Doc.

Topic wise study materials given below.

Each topic contains Formula, Problems with explanation (PDF + Video Tutorials), solved examples, Shortcut tricks & tips for speed maths and practice questions with answers.

Quantitative Aptitude Formulas Hand Book [PDF Download]

Quantitative Aptitude Shortcuts & Tricks [PDF Download]

Quantitative aptitude questions and answers with shortcuts, Formulas, tricks and solved examples

The table proposed below will include all the topics in the numerical ability section.

1Problems on Trains
2Height and Distance
4Volume and Surface Area
5Stocks and Shares
7Ratio and Proportion
8Permutation and Combination
9Number system
10Decimal Fraction
11Odd Man Out and Series
12Time and Distance
13Time and Work
14Compound Interest
16Problems on Ages
20Surds and Indices
21Chain Rule
22Boats and Streams
23Pipes and Cistern
24Alligation or Mixture
25Races and Games
27Banker’s Discount
28Simple Interest
29Profit and Loss
32True Discount
33Square Root and Cube Root
35Problems on H.C.F and L.C.M

How to solve quantitative aptitude problems faster in 30 sec ?

To solve a aptitude question in few seconds you need to be good in speed maths and clear with correct formulas. So we gave the aptitude questions and answers for freshers with formula book, aptitude tricks and shortcuts.

  • Formulas for all topics
  • Shortcuts & tricks

All these study materials are available in PDF and Doc format on this page.

Quantitative Aptitude Formulas Hand Book

Quantitative Aptitude Shortcuts & Tricks

  • The formulas are the basic criteria to solve any problem.
  • Knowing the formula will help you to solve the questions quickly.

What is the use of shortcuts & tricks?

  • Shortcuts and tricks reduce your time of answering a question.
  • Gives less work to your mind.

Quantitative Aptitude Questions and Answers pdf

Quantitative Aptitude Questions and answers with explanation. If you want text book then, Quantitative aptitude pdf by RS Aggarwal free download available in internet for  reference and quantitative aptitude by Arun sharma is also very famous among many candidates.

Those preparing for bank exams (SBI clerk, IBPS PO, Clerk, Special officer etc.) and quantitative aptitude for competitive examinations like Common Aptitude Test CAT,  CA-CPT, GRE, GATE, TANCET MBA, MAT, GMAT, XAT, CLAT, KCET, ICET, etc., will definitely find this as useful, we hope. Even the candidates preparing for various recruitment exams like SSC CGL, RRB, UPSC, TNPSC, SSB, etc., will also get benefits from here. You can also prefer other sources like RS Agarwal and other hand books, video tutorials etc. We are always waiting to support you, so if anything your required, do notify it in the below space.

We have given aptitude questions and answers for freshers pdf download and video in English, Hindi and Tamil. Soon we will upload for Telugu, Bengali, Gujarati, Malayalam, Kannada and Marathi.

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