GD Topics 2017 : Latest Group Discussion Topics with Answers, Tips & Pdf

Group Discussion Topics with answers 2017 PDF download

Many at times we might have come across the word group discussion topics or we might even have taken part in a round and might have been unsuccessful. Many candidates think of it as a filler round and many never take this round seriously. We recommend all of you to take it with little bit serious and prepare at least with little effort. Before going for the tips, rules, easy/tough topics or any other deep GD related requirements, first begin with what is called basics.

Either it is a cabin crew interview, Valuelabs (communication skills) or normal interview, definitely these things are very important, so go through it carefully.

(Skip if you feel any of the questions are too basic)


  1. Group discussion tips and tricks for success.
  2. Group Discussion Topics Success Guide in PDF [ Free Download ]
  3. Do’s and Don’ts in Group Discussion.
  4. Latest Group Discussion topics – 50 important GD topics 2017

What is Group discussion (GD)? 

Shortly said to be GD, is a strategy of measuring the skills of a candidate by an organization which they wish their employee should have.

Which role is better – initiator or finisher?

If you know better about the topic, then you can initiate it. Otherwise, you can prepare yourself as a good finisher at last.

I have less communication skills, tell me any tips to shine in a GD? 

The power or effectiveness is very important than your communication skill. So be effective till the end.

What is the importance of taking notes?

To remember every point, it is important that you should take notes, so do it without any wavering. Sometimes good listener will be respected.

I never heard  the topic before, What shall I do ?

If you don’t know anything about the topic just wait and listen to the points discussed others. Try to understand the topic and decide whether you want to speak in favour or against the topic.

Generally, most of the GD topics will be based on the following:

Social mediacurrent affairs, banking sector,  black money, based on case study, brain drain, customer service, child labour, Dowry, education system India, environment, e commerce, leadership, law, mobile phones, marketing, mental health, poverty, terrorism,  pollution, politics, quality, agriculture, sports, veg & non veg, Substance abuse etc. 

*Bolded ones are the most used than others given.

GD topics with answers 2017
GD Topics 2017 with answers

Bonus – Free Take away 

Group Discussion Topics Success Guide pdf free download to crack gd successfully.

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GD Do’s

  1. Maintain the time punctuality is a must.
  2. Observe whatever is happening there, never look away.
  3. Maintain a pleasant tone.
  4. Make sure you make a good impression, even your body language counts.
  5. Wait for your turn to answer unless it’s an open discussion round.
  6. Stick to your group discussion topics.

Group discussion Don’ts

  1. Never lose your temper or try to speak ill of other candidates.
  2. Don’t go away from the your GD topic.
  3. Never make a long speech. Keep your talk crisp and short but make your points heard.
  4. Do not interrupt between anyone’s speech wait till they complete or until your turn comes.

List of Latest GD topics 2017

Below you can see some of the common group discussion topics 2017 that have and will be appearing in the various placement process and also in other Brainstorming / brain drain sessions

S.NoName of the topics
1Caste based reservation in India.
2Is Corruption will decrease by Demonetization?
4Man on Moon or Food for Man?
5Demonetization- affecting common people or black money holders?
6Will Donald Trump’s presidency be a bad news for women?
7Joint family vs nuclear family
8Feminism vs Women Empowerment
9Corruption is main outcome of democracy in India
10Digital India? Is there any digital equality
11Automation in modern life a Boon or Bane
12Management education in India
13Anger management
14Role of ethics in business
15Should GD be part of campus placements?
16Knowledge vs Money
17MBA in India is highly Over-rated
18Should we allow Hanging to death or should we abolish it.
20Make in India initiative advantages and disadvantages
21Smart work vs hard work vs luck
22Should ‘fat tax’ be imposed in all states of India
23GST bill pros and cons
25Terrorism in India vs Terrorism in Pakistan
26Engineering vs Arts & Science
27Should voters be given a NOTA choice
28Online Course or college classroom learning? What is more important?
29Startup culture a boon or a bane
30Impact of mobile phones in our modern society.
31Should the Public Sector be privatised?
32Justice delayed is justice denied
33Which is better? Job or business?
34FDI in retail sector in india
35Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is success or failure.
36India’s performance in olympics
37Chinese goods vs Indian Goods (Made in India Initiative)
38One India One Election
39Merging Railway budget into Union budget
40Cauvery issue between Tamilnadu and Karnataka
41Should Karnataka give water to Tamil Nadu or not?
42High fuel prices in India though crude oil price is less
43Freebies by government make the citizens irresponsible.
44Net Neutrality – Advantages and Disadvantages
45Gender neutral parental leave – Pros and Cons
46Beef ban is good or bad?
47Films are corrupting the Indian Youth
48Education system in India
49Is the Patents Bill Good for India?
50Indian villages are our strength or weakness?
51Impact of Chinese products in the world.
52Money vs knowledge.
53How to deal with high oil prices? – Hike in petrol and diesel price when crude oil price is low.
54Love marriage vs arranged marriage.
55Live ­in relationship
56Should we have exams?
57Commercialization of health care
58Is Indian culture decaying
59Has democracy hampered India’s progress?
60Will India become a superpower by 2025?
61Educational qualification should be made compulsory or not for politicians?
62China support for Pakistan
63Housewife vs working women
64Modi’s Surgical strike on Pakistan / India vs pakistan never ending war for Kashmir

Check out the remaining 50+ current GD topics in PDF

Download : Group Discussion Topics Success Guide

Group discussion 2017 latest / Current topics PDF download

Using all these different and difficult Group discussion topics & examples we assume that you might have got an idea of how to prepare and appear for the GD round with the topics above. It is a BPO or MNC companies like Capgemini, Wipro, Deloitte, TCS, CTS, Goldman Sachs, Sutherland, HCL, HP, Accenture, Virtusa, you should definitely have this round in interview procedure.

Group discussion is common for freshers campus placement, walk in recruitments, Government job interviews such as PSC, IBPS (Bank interview), SSC, UPSC etc.

We think we have satisfied all you people of MBA, B.E, B.Tech (electrical, mechanical, civil, computer) freshers – engineering students, B.Com, M.Com etc. Do comment below if you find something unsatisfying. We will also update here some more questions on a familiar person related like Arvind Kejriwal, Narendra modi etc.

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